Jul 12 -

Marcel Castenmiller (Model)

 (1) How do you find the music you listen to? The most recent method is to keep track of songs my friends play. Sometimes it can be a song off the radio that I feel needs to be kept record of. But it’s a lot of writing down track names, and I guess using iphone apps. But in the end it’s always best listening to an entire discography of an Artist and finding what I think are gems. (2) What is your favorite way to enjoy music (live, alone, in the car, bath, work, etc.)? Alone. Majority of time I spend listening to music is while traveling. (3) What do you find exciting about the new music you listen to? Most of the music I’ve collected holds specific memories. What’s exciting about new songs is they have yet to become a sort of audio time capsule being put together by places I go, people I meet and sometimes relevance lyrically. (4) What is it about the songs you’ve been listening to for years that resonates with you? What keeps me attracted to the songs I listen to whether old, new etc. is that they can transport me to a time and a place that I’ve forgotten or lost. In a way they don’t work much differently from a photograph or a journal entry. I love when you think you would never remember a certain memory again until that one moment you are reminded again just by a few sounds from a song.


1. Bjork  //  Enjoy (Outkast remix)

2. Toro y Moi //  Causers of This

3. Fleetwood Mac //  What Makes You Think You’re The One? 

4. Mario ft. Gucci Mane and Sean Garrett  //  Break Up

5. Brian Eno and John Cale  //  Footsteps

6. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles  //  Save Me

7. Lissy Trullie  //  Last Time

8. Deerhunter //  Revival

9. Bauhaus  //  All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

10. Leonard Cohen  //  A Thousand Kisses Deep


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